Q&A with Isabel Laughton on sustainability and Gen Z

From growing up as a Gen Z and working within consulting, our consultant Isabel Laughton brings a powerful perspective on sustainability.

From growing up as a Gen Z and working within consulting, our consultant Isabel Laughton brings a powerful perspective on sustainability.

Tell us a bit about why sustainability is important to you?

As a member of Gen Z, the importance of Sustainability has been a concept which has been entrenched in me and explains why we have been termed the ‘Sustainability Generation’.  

As a generation, we have lived through and seen the impact and problems that a lack of sustainable practices has created. From experiencing the hottest summers on record, to being aware of the devastating wildfires around the world. And for asthma sufferers like myself, air pollution problems are ever-increasing.  

I, therefore, find it of crucial importance to be engaging actively in implementing and supporting initiatives which will help sustain and preserve the world for our generation and for many generations to come.  

Having studied psychology at University I have always been fascinated by the reasoning behind why Individuals behave the way they do. The effects that a lack of sustainability produces are clear in all aspects of our lives, however individuals today still seem to view sustainability as an inconvenience.  

Through reading psychology, I became aware of how sustainability could be promoted by harnessing individuals’ intrinsic motivation to promote sustainable action. When individuals perceive an action to be more meaningful and personally relevant to them, they associate this with positive emotions. Therefore, by making sustainability meaningful to individuals, you can in turn promote sustainability.  

I am now eager to use my psychological knowledge in a business environment as a means of helping to implement sustainability actions to contribute to a greener future for us all.  

Do you have any role models?

Sir David Attenborough Is my inspiration when considering sustainability. He campaigns for collective responsibility and believes that if we act together, we can solve the sustainability problems faced. Every human being on the global will be affected by sustainability issues, and if every individual takes responsibility and makes incremental changes, we can make a collective positive impact. David Attenborough’s passion for showcasing the natural world in the hope he can inspire people to preserve it is admirable. He inspired me to consider ways in which I can contribute to tackling sustainability.

Tell us how you plan to make an impact

During my professional journey, I have come to realise that although important, the expensive piece of paper called a masters is only the start. Making a lasting impact requires continuous learning and adaptation. I am very aware that I am not equipped with all the knowledge and expertise in sustainability, biodiversity, climate and nature positive legislation and frameworks, but most importantly, I am committed to staying up to date with these rapidly evolving topics. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed at times with the pace of change and discovery, however, I firmly believe that being proactive and adaptive is the key to driving positive change.

I recognise the dynamic nature of this field and I aim to actively engage in professional development opportunities, attend conferences, and connect with experts and thought leaders in these areas to learn as much as I can. This will help to ensure I am equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and insights allowing me to make informed decisions and advocate for impactful change with knowledge.

I truly believe that change begins at an individual level and that many small changes lead to a larger impact, and this is why I am passionate about championing Nature + within Boss Consulting.