Services Industry – One of the Largest Microsoft implementations in Europe

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Explore how a leading services business partnered with the Boss Consulting programme team to revolutionise its operations and foster growth by deploying an advanced ERP system. Overcoming resource limitations and navigating the complexities of a merger, the team successfully delivered one of Europe's largest Microsoft Dynamics implementations.


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Understanding the Client’s Challenges and Pain Points

A leading services business engaged the Boss Consulting programme team to revolutionise its operations and drive growth by deploying an advanced ERP system. The objective was to transform the client’s operations and set the foundation for sustainable growth by delivering simplification, standardisation, and scalability across a unified operating model.

Delivering one of the largest Microsoft implementations for the services industry in Europe required increased resources during the project which Boss Consulting were able to provide. Overcoming the challenges of not having the appropriate internal resources and skills would be crucial to implementing new processes and technologies, hence we partnered as a knowledgeable partner that the client could trust to meet the goals.

Developing a Flexible and Scalable Solution for the Client’s Needs.

To achieve the client’s objectives, the Boss Consulting programme team first led the selection of Microsoft Dynamics as the ERP system of choice. We also helped lead the selection process of a System Integrator to assist with the implementation. Once these decisions were made, the team established the programme structure, controls, and reporting, taking into account the predominantly agile delivery approach.

However, halfway through the implementation, the company merged with another business also implementing Microsoft Dynamics. This presented additional challenges for the Boss Consulting programme team. However, we successfully managed the expanded landscape and navigated the complexities of migrating two companies together on different journeys within the Dynamics landscape.

Despite these challenges, the Boss Consulting programme team successfully delivered the first, second, and third releases of the solution to the revised post-merger plan. The final release was delivered in October 2019, marking the successful completion of one of Europe’s largest Microsoft Dynamics implementations.

Measuring the Value Added to the Client’s Business

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics allowed the services business to streamline its operations and improve efficiency, ultimately resulting in cost savings and increased productivity. In addition, the Boss Consulting team’s expertise in agile delivery and ability to navigate a merger’s complexities made this a successful project.

Overall, the services industry continues to evolve and improve through technology such as ERP systems. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics at this leading services business is a prime example of how these systems can significantly impact the industry. As technology advances, we will see more businesses in the services industry implementing ERP systems to improve their operations and stay competitive in the market.