A Clear Vision for Global Oracle Implementation

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Unifying Technology Landscapes for Operational Excellence, For a Worldwide Leader in Vehicle Glass Repair

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Understanding the Client’s Challenges and Pain Points

An industry-leading global vehicle glass repair and replacement company operating in over 30 countries and across five continents, this client recognised the need to revamp their technology infrastructure. The goal was to harmonise business processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Challenge: The client faced the challenge of managing a diverse technology landscape that consisted of various solutions and legacy systems. The lack of standardisation and integration hindered efficient operations and future growth. Consequently, the client sought a partner to spearhead a global Oracle implementation, integrating their technology solutions and processes.

Developing a Flexible and Scalable Solution for the Client’s Needs.

Our Solution: Boss Consulting took on the complex project, leveraging our technical expertise and management acumen. We led the design of an integrated model office and a workstream that seamlessly brought together multiple technology solutions and processes. Our approach involved integrating Oracle, Salesforce, Gains, Informatica, and legacy systems to create a unified and robust technology ecosystem.

Recognising the importance of standardised operations, we developed and implemented global deployment services and capabilities for the client. This initiative aimed to establish consistent working methods across the international program, fostering cohesion and synergy in their global operations.

Furthermore, we successfully led the delivery program in the UK, overseeing the deployment of Salesforce and Oracle across the client’s operating business. This milestone represented a critical step in their technology transformation, showcasing our ability to handle complex technology deployments efficiently.

Measuring the Value Added to the Client’s Business

Results/Impact: Our engagement yielded a well-integrated and efficient technology infrastructure for the client. The global Oracle implementation, along with the successful deployment of Salesforce and Oracle in the UK, enabled operational efficiency and standardised business processes. These transformations positioned the client to better manage their global operations and laid the foundation for sustainable growth.

Through navigating the complexities of this project, Boss Consulting demonstrated our capacity to address diverse technological challenges and deliver tailored solutions that drive tangible business value. We pride ourselves on not only solving problems but also creating pathways for future growth and success.